Getting started in earnest

Funding from the nonprofit “City Parks Foundation” for the Wildflower Garden was approved much to our delight and Christina Taylor from VCP Alliance agreed to be our fiduciary. We were on our way.

In late April we inspected the site. All looked well, except that there were signs that some people thought we had built them a track to (illegally) drive their ATVs into the park. After informing our friends in the Parks Department, a temporary fence felicitously appeared to protect the site. Thanks so much Parks!

We promoted the final ground preparation and planting for Sunday, May 5, 1-4. Though some had emailed they would be in attendance that Sunday couldn’t have been a wetter, drizzlier day and knowing the next weekend was Mother’s Day we decided to tough it out and do the ground prepping with just the McCleaves and Heenans in attendance.

As can be seen from the above picture, the weeds surrounding the garden space were well into their spring revival mode, and quite a few had managed to break though our mulch top dressing. So we set about our plot with hoe and rake and cleared as much of the invasive rebirth as we could. As the rain never ceased we decided to wait until Monday to plant the seeds, for the weather prediction was clear and sunny.

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